Project Planning Services

We offer architectual planning services from first sketches, conceptual drawings and planning options, through Design development and construction drawings, to planning of construction details and ccordination during the construction.  We coordinate the planning of structural and building applications engineers at each stage in order to achieve succesful results for the Client.

Project Management

We supervise and manage projects to achieve the targets set by the Client. We control the costs, schedule and quality, coordinate planning and the project team, supervise the construction progress, prepare reports and risk analysis, control the project budget and cash- flow, coordinate issues with tenants and other parties involved.

Strategic Real Estate Development

We advise the Client in extablishing the targets and strategies for property development, coordinate feasibility studies, evaluate development options, legal and building constraints, prepare cost / benefit analysis and investment forecasts,

We prepare and start-up projects, negotiate with authorities, manage contracts, support marketing, negotiate with potential tenants, prepare project budgets and financing, recommend and set-up project teams, verify optimisation options in costs and planning.

Advising sustainable construction

We advise in sustainable and energiesaving construction and find custom-tailored technical solutions suitable to each invdividual project.